Related to the Creative Force Pendant and Wall Art offerings. Now, you can see the individuated energies of each hexagram. The deck is made up of 64 hexagrams, which are archetypal 'children' of the 16 Primal Energies found within the Physics of Light and 432 Pythagorean Tuning utilizing Ancient Chinese Musical Ratios. This deck is very versatile. It can be used as an oracle for meditation, divination, for color theory, color schemes for design, Musical Theory related to Ancient systems, and dowsing training.


Once upon a time, the Emperors would dowse to find the C note and F note to define where they were in the Grand Precession. This important task was to keep the civilization in Harmony with Nature in a timeless way.


This work is based on many years of research and sources include the pioneers and teachers of a little-known dowsing method called Physical Radiesthesia. References: Louis Turenne, Christopher Hills, and Evelyn Lipp. ©2016 The Connector Wheels Collection Series. Vau 1-231-498 All Rights Reserved



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