Bagua Wall Art

Hexagram Design tuned to Nature’s Archetypal Energies

Our signature piece of bagua wall art is The Creative Force hexagram design, which has been inspired by our love of ancient traditions such as feng shui and harmonia. It has inspired us to create an intuitively woven hexagram arrangement known to Daoist I-Ching scholars as Fu Xi‘s pre-heaven arrangement. This is the foundation of the Connector Art Series piece we call “The Creative Force”.

We have chosen to partner with to distribute our bagua wall art printed products. You can purchase the Creative Force Connector Art Series as a print in many different styles and on many different products. Prints can be done on canvas, acrylic, paper, metal, wood and … mats.

Many people have found excellent results using the 18×18 size prints for meditation.

Photography Prints

This arrangement now more closely resembles the traditions of Harmonia and Feng Shui.  Ironically, the hexagram design is known as the Fu Xi Arrangement or  Pre-Heaven Arrangement or the Xiantian Bagua and the He Tu.  So yes! Nothing new has been invented. The arrangement is at the very least over four thousand centuries old. That is a long precedent! It is a very strong verification for the foundation of this hexagram design. 

Keep in mind, while we are proud of this re-discovery, this is not the only hexagram design. There are other classic arrangements of the hexagrams  known as the King Wen Arrangement or the Lo Shu for instance. What makes the Pre-Heaven Arrangement’s particular sequence so unique is it’s accurate positioning of the primordial archetypes. We have implemented it into our piece because it has a more finely-tuned, natural fit to our holistic design practice.

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