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Discussion Topics include but are not limited to: Aether Physics, Acupuncture, Alphabets, Alchemy, Aliens, Ancient Civilizations - Egypt/China/India/Sumerian, Angels, Antigravity, Architecture, Astronomy, Astrology, Atlantis, Auras, Bidynamics, Biofields, Biomimicry, Biophotons, Bohdavistas, Buddhism, Cryptozoology, Codes, Consiousness, Chakras, Consiousness, Crystals, Cymatics, Daoism, DEWs, Diamagnetism, Dinshah, Dowsing - Mental, Dreams, Druids, Earth Grid, Earthquakes, Electric Universe, Electrobiology, Earnst McClain, Esoterica, Ethers, Feng Shui, Formative Forces, Fractals, Frequency, Geometry, God, Gods, Goddesses, Gnostics, Metrology, Magnetism, Goethe, Gravity, Hans Kayser, Harmonics, Hinduism, Holographic Universe, Homeopathy, Implosion,Minerals, Marko Rodin, Megalithic, Miracles, Myths, Morphogenics, Morphogenetics, Natural Philosophy, Numbers, Odic Forces, Predictions, Paramagnetism, Pendulums, Physical Radiesthesia, Periodic Table, Plasma, Pranic Energy, Projective Geometry, Psionics, Psychotronics, Radionics, Remote Viewing, Royal Rife, Secret Societies, Scalar, Schauberger, Shape Power, Sacred - Sites, Saints, Siddhis, Spectrochrome, Spectrometry, Source, Stars, Subtle Bodies, Sufism, Telluric Energies, Torsion, UFOs, Vogel, Vortex Math + Science, Vril, Vastu, Water Structure, Weather Engineering, Weaponized 5G, etc. One Rule: NO POLITICS! Unless it is a necessary component to the Discussion Topic.
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