Cell Phone Hologram – Zervana Mini Pak



This is a mini bagua hologram product designed for use with your cell phone.

To clarify, this system works on the Bio-field – not the mechanical EMF/RF electromagnetic wave.  This system creates a space that allows the bio-field to stabilize from the assault of  natural and man-made waves.

Always, always, always use common sense and implement Precautionary measures with this nascent technology that includes wifi, cell phones, etc.

If you still have discomfort or a heightened and disturbing energetic event, you may need a specialist.  Please Contact Us and we will gladly assist!

That said, this cell phone hologram has been sold for over 5 years to great effect which is why Ba Gua FX is carrying it!

Biofield science is an emerging field of study that aims to provide a scientific foundation for understanding the complex homeodynamic regulation of living systems. By furthering our scientific knowledge of the biofield, we arrive at a better understanding of the foundations of biology as well as the phenomena that have been described as “energy medicine.” Energy medicine, the application of extremely low-level signals to the body, including energy healer interventions and bio-electromagnetic device-based therapies, is incomprehensible from the dominant biomedical paradigm of “life as chemistry.” The biofield or biological field, a complex organizing energy field engaged in the generation, maintenance, and regulation of biological homeodynamics, is a useful concept that provides the rudiments of a scientific foundation for energy medicine and thereby advances the research and practice of it.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in



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