Bagua Hologram



The Varuna Bagua Hologram with Wellness intentions made for you!


Six vibrational wellness remedies embedded into Hologram-foil technology that create intention based fields promoting the body’s natural restorative abilities against pineal calcification, pathogen & stress related illness.

Package Includes:

  • Four(4) Large Varuna Holograms,
  • Four(4) Small Zervana Holograms,
  • One Post Card,
  • Instructions

Varuna Bagua Holograms create six syntropic welling forces, these forces stimulate inherent systems within the living being to come into balance.

1 Pineal Gland Stimuli Model:  

  • Support to Sympathetic and Para-Sympathetic Nervous Systems
  • Support to circadian molecular time-keeping mechanisms
  • Support to gland clearing of calcium and fluoride
  • Support to EMF stressed systems


1 Carrier Virus Stimuli Model:

  • Compromises immune system
  • Negative thought forms: complaining about others
  • Flu, nausea and fever.
  • Found alongside EMF sensitivity

4 Models Stimulating Pathogen Systems:

Model 1:

  • Compromises circulatory and nervous system
  • Negative thought forms: depression
  • Blood impurities, imbalance i.e.: higher white blood count
  • Anemia /chronic fatigue
  • Skin rashes (belly)
  • Numb arms and legs
  • Found alongside EMF sensitivity

Model 2:

  • Compromises circulatory, nervous and digestive systems
  • Negative thought forms: depression
  • Blood impurities, imbalance
  • Anemia /chronic fatigue
  • Skin rashes (sun poisoning)
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Dysentery

Model 3:

  • Compromises lung, liver, gallbladder and digestive organs
  • Compromises immune system
  • Negative thought forms: denial
  • Skin edema (Itching hands and feet, head and neck)
  • Weight gain, gastrointestinal bloating and inflammation
  • Repetitive sinus and bronchial congestion

Model 4:

  • Compromises lung and digestive organs
  • Compromises immune system
  • Skin edema (Itching hands and feet)
  • Colitis, gastrointestinal bloating and inflammation
  • Repetitive nausea and fever

This bagua hologram package has been sold for over 5 years to great effect which is why is carrying it!

Biofield science is an emerging field of study that aims to provide a scientific foundation for understanding the complex homeodynamic regulation of living systems. The biofield or biological field, a complex organizing energy field engaged in the generation, maintenance, and regulation of biological homeodynamics.  Living systems generate and respond to energy fields as integral aspects of physiological regulation. Numerous spiritual traditions describe modes and pathways of energy within and surrounding the physical body. Biological systems are homeodynamic because of their ability to dynamically self-organise at bifurcation points of their behavior where they lose stability.


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