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The Zervana Harmony Home biofield hologram is designed to serve our complex homeodynamic systems – not the mechanical EMF/RF electromagnetic wave.  It is intended to create a space that allows the biofield to stabilize from the assault of natural and man-made waves.

Package includes:

1 rooms (8 2-inch Gold Holograms each), 1 smart meter (1 2-inch Gold Holograms)

Placement explained within the descriptive diagram.

Always, always, always use common sense and implement Precautionary measures with this nascent technology that includes wifi, cell phones, etc.

If you still have discomfort or a heightened and disturbing energetic event, you may need a specialist.  Please Contact Us and we will gladly assist in identifying the proper professional for further transmutation or design augmentation!

This biofield hologram has been sold for over 5 years to great effect which is why is carrying it!

Biofield science is an emerging field of study that aims to provide a scientific foundation for understanding the complex homeodynamic regulation of living systems. The biofield or biological field, a complex organizing energy field engaged in the generation, maintenance, and regulation of biological homeodynamics.  Living systems generate and respond to energy fields as integral aspects of physiological regulation. Numerous spiritual traditions describe modes and pathways of energy within and surrounding the physical body. Biological systems are homeodynamic because of their ability to dynamically self-organise at bifurcation points of their behavior where they lose stability.


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1 review for Biofield Hologram – Zervana Harmony Home

  1. Bettina Herbert, MD

    Clea Delphi has been ahead of the curve for decades regarding the potential dangers of EMFs. After applying her Harmony Home holographic stickers in my guest room, almost every guest has commented how well s/he slept there. Since I have 33 neighbors’ wifi signals showing up on my upstairs master bedroom, I applied them there as well. It helped improve the quality and duration of my sleep.

    Since then I have applied some of the other packaged stickers to my cell phone, router and laptop. This is in addition to being careful not to hold or carry the cell phone on my body. Given the studies of increased glucose metabolism in the brain when a cell phone is held next to the ear, and numerous prominent scientists’ (including retired professor Martin Pall, PhD) and physicians’ warnings about the health consequences of these EMF exposures, I feel it is prudent to minimize the effects on the human body as much as possible. Though I don’t understand the mechanism, the published medical and environmental studies along with my own patients’ reports about feeling “less stressed,” I will continue to use these.

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