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    Important Astrological Dates July 2020-February 2021 and a little humor

    This is a shameless repost I found on YouTube by the comedian channel Awaken with JP. May it make you smile. Astrology Reading – Bad News for Summer 2020 Ok, real dates and possible effects for the upcoming Summer 2020 and beyond: Bad: August 16-October 4th Mars 29º Aries: A Ghandanta position. Feelings of drowning/ destruction. Bad: September 9 Mars retrogrades 4º Aries: Explosive events. Good: September 13 Jupiter goes direct 23º Sagittarius: Opportunities/Manifestation. Very Bad: September 19-End of year. Ketu 29º Scorpio. Problems with earnings and financial matters, accidents, injuries, death. Good: September 19- End of Year. Rahu goes into Shasta: Wealth. Very Bad: September 29. Saturn goes Direct…

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